LBF Grant Application


1.  Your school has been in operation for a minimum of one year prior to your application so that you are able to provide accurate information about the percentage of students in your school eligible for the free or reduced lunch program (FRL).

2.  Your school has a student body where 80% or more of your students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

3.  Your school has a school library that meets the definition immediately below:  A library is a uniquely designated space in which books and other materials are systematically classified and arranged by subject and type.  They are stored in a place and manner that allows access to all students and adults in the school.

Please note that the definition does not include classrooms or classroom sets of books, collections of books stored in a room that are not organized and classified in a systematic way, or collections of books on rolling carts of any description.

4.  The day-to-day oversight and operation of your school library is carried out by a paid contracted staff member who fits the definition immediately below:The person is designated by the school administration as responsible for the collection, care, and use of the materials housed in the dedicated space of the library.

5.  Your school has not previously received a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries.  Schools that have previously received a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries are ineligible to apply.


  • Every question asked must be answered. Where the question appears inapplicable to your particular school, you must write in “zero”, ”not available”, “not applicable”, “none”, “no” or some other word that explains why you are not answering a question.
  • Application submissions are due Monday December 2, 2013 (8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time). 
  • Questions regarding the application must be submitted by Friday November 22, 2013.
  • Applications must be submitted via the online application form.  Applications sent via fax, mail, or e-mail cannot be accepted.
  • All application questions must be completed.  Incomplete applications cannot be considered.
  • To access and successfully complete the application, please use the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.  To use the calculation feature for several questions within the application, please enable JavaScript.
  • To submit the application, make sure to click the ‘Submit the Proposal to LBF’ button.  An e-mail will be generated to your e-mail address confirming delivery once the application is submitted.
  • We anticipate that recipients will be identified and awards will be made before the middle of May, 2014.

Important: Please read Frequently Asked Questions and the Grading Rubric sections on this website before filling out the application. 

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries is a fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, an IRS approved 501 C (3). For general questions regarding the Foundation, please contact us at

Before we begin, we are interested in how you first became aware of the LBF grant program. Please select one of the following.


The first thing we need is to know how to contact you at your school.  This allows us to get in touch with you to confirm receipt of your proposal, to send an inquiry should there be a question about your application, to pass along any important announcements, or to send you additional information or material if the need should arise.  Please tell us:

(Tax ID is 9-digits numerical number only. The number can be obtained from the school’s and/or district’s Finance Office)

4. The school's mailing address:

5. The school's telephone and fax numbers (please use 10 digits, no spaces or hyphens):
7. The principal's name:
8. The name of the person filling out this application:

Please note: Preference will be given to applications that are prepared by the person in your school specifically responsible for the library. We believe that the person on-site has the best understanding of the library's status, needs, and potential.


Here we are looking for information that will help put your proposal in context.  The answers to these questions will give us a profile of your school and sharpen our sense of how and where your proposal will fit into the larger picture.

15. What percentage of your student body is eligible for free and reduced lunch (FRL)? Secondary schools may submit verifiable FRL data averaged from all feeder schools. 

16. Please provide NCES Information:
Please see: if you need to find it.

B. If this is a secondary school using data from feeder schools, please list all schools that feed into your high school, providing name and NCES IDs:

Please use numbers only, no commas
Please use numbers only, no commas
Please use numbers only, no commas

If your school does have a certified librarian on site, please skip ahead to Question Number 22.

If your school does not have a certified librarian, please describe the person who currently has day-to-day responsibility for the library and its operation.

(F) Other Duties: Does the person primarily responsible for the library have a second responsibility in the school (e.g., classroom teacher, counselor, administrator, secretary, and clerk)?

23. Please provide the following information concerning the budget for library books for this year. Please use numbers only. Please no commas. (Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for items that are considered part of the budget for library books).

In answering this question, please remember that a “book” is a print or Braille bound volume or an audio-book on an audio-tape, CD-ROM, or other digital format. For this definition, “books” are part of either the reference section or the circulating section of the school’s central library collection.
If no, who will be responsible? Please list the name, title, and experience of each person who will have responsibility for implementing the proposal:
This answer is limited to 100 words.


This is the most important part of the application. We would like to have the most compelling explanation of your students’ needs and the clearest description of your proposal that you can provide.

Please answer every part of every question. We cannot appropriately evaluate incomplete applications.

Important: Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Scoring Rubric sectionsbefore answering the questions below.

Please also remember that funds are available only for library books and magazine/serial copies and subscriptions. The Laura Bush Foundation is unable to honor requests for staffing, shelving, furniture, equipment, e-readers, software, videos, classroom book sets or any kind of book guides, tests or exams.

With all that in mind, please tell us:

25. Every school and school library is unique.  What distinguishes your school and library?  Please tell us your school’s and your students’ story.  Particularly address any condition in the school or community – or anything else – that demonstrates a unique and compelling need for books.  What role does your school library play in addressing your students’ uniqueness and needs? 

This answer is limited to 500 words.

26. What is your library collection improvement goal?  In other words, what is your proposal?  What need are you addressing?  What specific student groups or school programs would benefit from these added resources in your library?

(In describing your proposal, please be sure of two things:  (1) That you do not request anything other than books or magazines, and (2) that if your plan includes purchasing eBooks or any other electronic materials, be sure to tell us in what ways and how easily your students will be able to access them.)  This answer is limited to 500 words.

27. The goals of the Laura Bush Foundation is to help school libraries to:(a) encourage and foster a love of reading,(b) support student learning, and(c) make books available to students who otherwise would not have access to them. Which goal or combination of goals does your library grant application address? How?

This summary is limited to 250 words.
This answer is limited to 200 words.
This answer is limited to 200 words.
This answer is limited to 250 words.

32. If your school is selected as a recipient of a Laura Bush Foundation grant, do you agree to participate in the Foundation’s evaluation program?

33. If your school is selected as a recipient of a Laura Bush Foundation grant, do you agree to participate in publicity to promote the goals of the Foundation and for information from this application to be used?

Required fields.